Jarryd Lowder is a photographer / journalist, teacher, videographer, designer, tech-based artist, musician & A/V technician.

Born in 1968 in Iowa City, Iowa, he resides in Switzerland after having lived in New York City for nearly two decades. He is a photographer / journalist for the Glarner Woche newspaper and he works at Schule an der Linth as a workshop teacher for digital multimedia.

While living in NYC, he taught Video, Sound and Music classes to graduate students in the MFA Computer Art department at SVA NYC (formerly known as School of Visual Arts) for 15 years.  He was a A/V Systems Administrator in the MFA Computer Art department as well.  In addition to working in the academic world, he also was a freelancer focusing mainly on Video Production, Postproduction and A/V technician work for live events, exhibitions and installations.

Download résumé in English.

Download résumé in German.

Within the field of art & music, Jarryd has done live audiovisual performances, live music and video art which has been shown in the US and other countries such as Spain, Austria, Japan, Finland, Korea, Germany and the Netherlands. Art CV is available here.