Fasnachtsumzug Glarus 2017

A short video which depicts the Fasnacht parade in Glarus, Switzerland, March 5th, 2017.  Video production and postproduction by Jarryd Lowder for the Glarner Woche newspaper.  Confetti particle visual effects by Meret Köhler.

Swiss Center of North America: Snow Day In Glarus

Shot and edited in one afternoon, Dec. 14th, 2017, Glarus, Switzerland.

Swiss Center of North America: Bergliwald Timelapse

Shot and edited in one afternoon, Nov. 7th, 2017, Glarus, Switzerland.

Sonnenereignis, Elm, 13.3.17

High above the Swiss village of Elm, is a 10-Storey-building-sized hole in the mountain called Martinsloch. Two times per year, in the Spring and the Fall, the sun shines through Martinsloch and down on to the church in the village. The "Sonnenereignis" lasts about one minute and is depicted here in this brief time lapse video.

Film Restoration Project for Institut Montana Zugerberg

A trailer which documents the process of restoring an Institut Montana Zugerberg filmfrom the late 1930s.  Film Restoration, Editing & Motion Graphics by Jarryd Lowder.  16 mm film to HD transfer by FilmFix.  The full restored film (32 minutes long) and several other films can be seen here.

Die Grösste Kinderzeichnung

Die Grösste Kinderzeichnung - in Braunwald, Schweiz, Sommer 2014. Video Production and Postproduction by Jarryd Lowder.

Pfadi @ Richisau

This is a video about a group camping above Klöntalersee, near Richisau, in Kanton Glarus, Switzerland, Summer 2015.


Motion design by Jarryd Lowder.

David Byrne & X-press 2 "Lazy" music video

Video production and postproduction by Jarryd Lowder, 2002. The video was shot at David's NYC brownstone. I had the idea to not only include the obligatory lip sync but also "neck sync", in which I have numerous shots of his neck moving in sync to the vocalizations.

SVA NYC - MFA Computer Art - Thesis Exhibition 2014

VIdeo production, Postproduction and Music Soundtrack by Jarryd Lowder.

SVA NYC - MFA Computer Art - 3D Animation Reel 2014

Video Editing by Jarryd Lowder. Music Soundtrack by Jarryd Lowder and Yaya Xu.

SVA NYC - MFA Computer Art - Thesis Exhibition 2013

Video Production, Postproduction and Music Soundtrack by Jarryd Lowder.

Goodbye Eggbus

Animation by Cindy Chiu. Music Soundtrack, Sound Design and Narration Text by Jarryd Lowder.

"Autoharp": Live Performance & Hardware/Software Design

A description from Roulette TV:

In Lowder's performance of the enigmatical "Autoharp" for Roulette TV, the vibrating strings of Lowder's original instrument are picked up live and visually amplified onto a screen, while other images (rotating numbers) appear mysteriously between the beat frequencies (like those on a film soundtrack). The strings trigger viola, guitar, and mandolin samples. Following this gradually unfolded, evocation-like piece, Lowder explains how improvisation and chance elements help him keep the work fresh to himself after long hours of technical effort, how he freed himself from classical music, and he describes his history of involvement with computers and programming and his transition to interactive computer art. In the tradition of musician-performers who adapt scientific instruments and discoveries for their art (such as Alvin Lucier's brainwave piece, and works by Paul Di Marinis, Maryanne Amacher, David Tudor, Ron Kuivila, Tom Zahuranec, and others), Lowder discusses a new piece involving detection of epiglottal movement, and describes the kinds of venues available for new electronic art and music.

Vidician (video artist + musician) Jarryd Lowder, the recipient of a Jerome Grant for emerging artists, has created his sui generis video installation works and performances for venues throughout the world including the PixelAche Festival in Helsinki (Finland), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon (France), the MYV Video Music Awards, the Transamerica '99 Festival (San Francisco), and the Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid).

Aired on rTV: 2000
Performance: Dec. 4, 1999
Produced by Jim Staley